Chartered Institute of
Architectural Technologists

Our professional full design and planning service is tailored to your individual requirements:

Site Visit and Production of Plans

  • Initial meeting to discuss your ideas.
  • Dimensional survey of your property.
  • Preparation of design scheme and any alterations that may be required.
  • Provision of final working drawings ready for builders' estimates and submission to Local Authorities.

During our initial meeting we will advise you about which permissions would be required, and on the feasibility of your ideas from a Planning and Building Regulations perspective. We will realistically assess the chances of obtaining these approvals and discuss any areas of concern. We only pursue applications that have merit.

Submission of Plans

  • Submitting plans for Planning Building Regulations approvals with completion of associated paperwork.
  • Negotiations with the Planning Department and Building Control.
  • Amending the plans if necessary to obtain approval.
  • Help and advice on choosing a builder.

Planning Applications are made electronically via the Planning Portal. These applications are received by the Planning Department within minutes of submission, eliminating potential delays with the postal service, and helping to ensure that they are registered promptly.

The plans can be forwarded to builders, engineers, designers etc in various electronic file formats if required. From an ecological point of view, electronic submission reduces paper usage. A typical planning application could require us to process 6m2 of paper!

Transparency of Operation

Full written quotations for the cost of our services together with our terms of engagement are sent to you following the initial meeting. We aim to advise you of all costs, including Local Authority fees, before the commencement of our services. No hidden extras!

Our goal is to provide you with a cost effective building project, that meets your requirements and is complementary to your property and the surrounding environment.